Cape and Cowl Cast #74 - Batman Arkham Retrospective

July 1, 2017

Join Alex and Sam for another Cape and Cowl Cast! This week it's all about the Batman Arkham series as our two superhero fans look back on the incredible video game franchise that began when Rocksteady took the reigns of The Dark Knight in 2009 and never looked back. We've also got awesome news updates, crazy rumours to dissect and our regular listener Q&A, so get yourself comfortable and thanks for listening!

0:00:00 - Intro, Catch Up & About Us

0:06:14 - Spider-Man: Homecoming & MCU Phase 4 Updates

0:13:18 - FOX announce massive X-Men movie slate

0:18:58 - Discussing the Reddit Justice League Trailer Leak

0:29:30 - Superman: Red Son film in the works?

0:34:24 - Director, Matt Reeve's comments on "Batman Noir" film 

0:37:17 - Main Topic - Batman Arkham Retrospective

1:12:11 - Listener Q&A

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