Cape and Cowl Cast #73 The Video Game Movie Curse! Plus Awesome News, Listener Q&A & More!

June 24, 2017

Join Alex, Steve and Sam as they discuss "The Video Game Movie Curse"! Why are so many video game film adaptations riddled with trouble and poorly received? The Team bang their heads together to try and find an answer, with the added help of our heroic listeners as well! We've got awesome news to discuss plus our regular Listener Q&A as well, so settle in and thanks for being part of the Cape and Cowl Cast!

0:00:00 - Intro, Catch Up & About Us

0:04:48 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Announcement Reaction and Analysis

0:13:49 - Han Solo Origins Film - Directorial Shake-up Discussion

0:27:22 - Batman: Mask of The Phantasm HD Remaster Finally Confirmed

0:30:47 - Main Topic - The Video Game Movie Curse!

1:36:50 - Listener Q&A 

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