Cape and Cowl Cast

Cape and Cowl Cast #68 - King Arthur Review Special, Tom Hardy is Venom, Superhero TV Round-Up, The Witcher Saga & More!

May 20, 2017

Warning! Spoilers for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword contained within this podcast.

Join Alex, Sam and Ashley for another Cape and Cowl Cast! This week the guys review director, Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and catch up on the biggest superhero news, including the casting announcement of Tom Hardy as Spider-Man villain, Venom. There are superhero TV updates galore and a Netflix Witcher series to discuss, plus listener questions just waiting to be answered and more! Happy listening!

0:00:00 - Intro & About Us

0:02:15 - Awesome News - Tom Hardy is Venom in upcoming Sony Film

0:09:24 - Deadpool Cartoon in development 

0:13:30 - Wonder Woman Hype 

0:15:52 - The Witcher Saga coming to Netflix 

0:22:10 - Injustice 2 Hype

0:24:18 - Trailer Reaction - Marvel's The Gifted 

0:28:44 - Trailer Reaction - Black Lightning 

0:32:41 - Trailer Reaction - Star Trek: Discovery 

0:35:00 - King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Review 

1:07:17 - Listener Q&A

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