Cape and Cowl Cast #59 - Kong: Skull Island Review, Thor: Ragnarok Buzz, Top Female Heroes, Nintendo Switch Chat

March 11, 2017

Warning! Spoilers for Kong: Skull Island are contained within this podcast!

It's that time again! Join Alex, Sam and Ashley for another fun-filled Cape and Cowl Cast! This week we are chatting Kong: Skull Island in our end of show review discussion. We'll also be taking a look at the latest awesome news including updates on Thor: Ragnarok and more. We've got listener questions to answer and some feedback on the Nintendo Switch, plus we list our favourite female heroes! Grab a brew amigos!

00:01:55 - Cape and Cowl Recommends
00:05:51 - Top Female Heroes
00:11:51 - Thor Ragnarok Report
00:20:13 - Metal Gear Solid Movie Buzz
00:22:02 - Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Update
00:23:00 - Nintendo Switch early impressions & discussion
00:29:50 - Injustice 2 Update
00:32:42 - Listener Q&A
00:47:58 - Kong Skull Island Review

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